Testudo Times 2018!

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Testudo Times 2018

Congratulations Dr. Edward Lemay!

Congrats to Ed Lemay who received the International Association for Relationships Research Gerald R. Miller Award for Early Career Achievement. This award honors the distinguished scientific achievements of scholars who are within 10 years of receiving their Ph.D. degrees. Congratulations Ed!

SDOS Spring 2018 Colloquium Series - Location: BRB 1103 Time: 4:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Date Speaker Title
February 12th (CANCELED) Dr. David Montgomery, Director of CEDER Communities Engaging with Difference and Religion) and Faculty at UMD TO BE RESCHEDULED
Friday, February 23rd, 11:00 AM Dr. Herman Aguinis, George Washington University State of our Science: Some Modest Suggestions for Improving our Game
March 5th Dr. Wendy Smith, University of Delaware Engaging Organizational Paradox.
March 26th Dr. Will Gervais, University of Kentucky TBA
April 9th Dr. Betsy Paluck, Princeton University Social norms: Where do they come from and when do they matter?
April 23rd Dr. Sergey Gavrilets, University of Tennessee TBA
May 7th Dr. Kevin N. Ochsner, Columbia University Emotion and emotion regulation: From the self to social contexts.

SDOS Fall 2017 Colloquium Series - Location: BPS 1140B Time: 4:00 pm

Date Speaker
September 11th Dr. Coren Apicella, University of Pennsylvania
September 25th Dr. Jonathan Mohr, University of Maryland
October 9th Dr. Daniel von Knoppenberg, Drexel University
October 23rd Dr. Abigail Marsh, Georgetown University
November 6th Dr. Jeremy Yip, Georgetown University
November 20th Dr. David Montgomery, MINERVA
December 4th Dr. Paul Hanges, University of Maryland

Testudo Times 2017!

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Testudo Times 2017

SDOS Spring 2017 Colloquium Series - Location: BPS 1140B Time: 4:00 pm

Date Speaker Website
February 20th Dr. Mandy O'Neil, George Mason University http://mason.gmu.edu/~ooneill/
March 6th/td> Dr. June Tangney, George Mason University http://psychology.gmu.edu/people/jtangney
April 3rd Dr. Diana Tamir, Princeton University https://psych.princeton.edu/person/diana-tamir
April 10th Dr. Seth Kaplan, George Mason University http://psychology.gmu.edu/people/skaplan1
April 24th Dr. Coren Apicella, University of Pennsylvania www.corenapicella.com
May 8th Dr. Rellie Derfler-Rozin, University of Maryland http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/directory/rellie-derfler-rozin

SDOS Fall 2016 Colloquium Series - Location: BPS 1140B Time: 4:00 pm

Date Speaker Website
September 19th Dr. Brett Pelham, Montgomery College cms.montgomerycollege.edu/EDU/Department2.aspx?id=70121
October 10th Dr. Chad Forbes, University of Delaware https://www.psych.udel.edu/people/full-list-searchable/ceforbes
October 24th Dr. Alec Barker, George Mason University locationscience.gmu.edu/People/Barker/Barker.html
November 7th Dr. Russell Johnson, Michigan State University lhttp://broad.msu.edu/facultystaff/johnsonr/
November 21st Dr. Myeong-Gu Seo, University of Maryland http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/directory/myeong-gu-seo
December 5th Dr. Nick Joyce, University of Maryland https://www.comm.umd.edu/people/faculty/joyce

Testudo Times 2016!

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Testudo Times 2016

SDOS Spring 2016 Colloquium Series - Location: BPS 1140B Time: 4:00 pm

Date Speaker Website
February 8 Dr. Emily Balcetis, Social Psychology, New York University http://www.psych.nyu.edu/balcetis
February 22 Dr. Deborah Small, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania https://marketing.wharton.upenn.edu/profile/202/
March 7 Dr. Matthew Cronin, Management, George Mason University http://business.gmu.edu/facultyandresearch/faculty/profile/50/19/
March 21 Dr. Jay Goodwin & Dr. Gregory Ruark, U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
April 4 Dr. Gary LaFree, Criminology & Criminal Justice, UMD http://ccjs.umd.edu/facultyprofile/LaFree/Gary
April 11 Dr. Jeff Lucas, Sociology, UMD https://socy.umd.edu/facultyprofile/Lucas/Jeff
May 2 SDOS Student Round Up

SDOS Fall 2015 Colloquium Series - Location: BPS 1140B Time: 4:00 pm

Date Speaker Website
September 21 Dr. William Rand, University of Maryland, RH Smith School of Business http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/directory/william-rand
September 28 16 Dr. Derek Iwamoto, University of Maryland, Counseling Psychology http://www.counselingpsychology.umd.edu/iwamoto.html
October 12 Dr. Erik Helzer, Johns Hopkins University http://carey.jhu.edu/faculty-research/directory/erik-helzer-phd/
October 26 SDOS Student Round-up!
November 9 Dr. Angela Cole, Howard University http://www.gs.howard.edu/gradprograms/social_psychology.htm
November 23 Dr. Michael Rosen, Johns Hopkins University http://tinyurl.com/pd6oxkp
December 7 Dr. James LeBreton, Penn State University http://psych.la.psu.edu/directory/jml170

Testudo Times 2015!

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Testudo Times 2015

Congratulations Dr. Michele Gelfand, Dr. Edward Lemay, Dr. James Grand, Dr. Sarah Lyons, Michelle Dugas and Jesse Harrington!

We are very excited to announce the many recent awards and achievments obtained by SDOS faculty and students!

  • Dr. Gelfand was awarded a grant from the Army Research Institute for $850,00 to study the etiology and consequences of organizational conflict cultures. In addition Gelfand (and former UMD students, Lisa Leslie (NYU Stern) and Kirsten Keller (Rand) along with Carsten de Dreu received the SIOP 2014 William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award, Society for Industrial- Organizational Psychology, for the best paper published in organizational psychology 2013! Dr. Gelfand also gave the Distinguished McCormick lecture at Purdue and will be honored at this year's SIOP Purdue reception.
  • Dr. Lemay won the 2015 Caryl E. Rusbult Early Career Award from the Relationships Research Interest Group of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Dr Lemay also won the 2014 Sage Young Scholars Award from The Foundation for Social and Personality Psychology, on the basis of research achievements, including "innovation, creativity, and potential to make a significant impact on the field.
  • Dr. Grand won the 2014 William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award for Best I/O Publication (SIOP) and the 2013 SAGE Organizational Research Methods Best Paper Award (Academy of Management) for his paper Kozlowski, S.W.J., Chao, G.T., Grand, J.A., Braun, M.T., and Kuljanin, G. (2013). Advancing multilevel research design: Capturing the dynamics of emergence. Organizational Research Methods, 16, 581-615.
  • Dr. Lyons won the Jack Bartlett Memorial Award for the Best Dissertation Proposal in Psychology in 2014
  • Michelle Dugas won the Reproducibility Grant ($1900) from the Center for Open Science, the DRRC Student Conference Scholarship award ($450) from the International Association of Conflict Management and the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship ($60,000).
  • Jesse Harrington won the National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship (China) for Summer 2015.
  • Many congrats to all your hardwork and achievements!

    CNN interviews Dr. Arie Kruglanski about the Anti-Islam rallies in Germany

    Please click the link below to watch Dr. Arie Kruglanski's CNN interview about the growing Anti-Islam rallies in Germany in light of the recent terrorist attack in Paris.

    Dr. Kruglanski's CNN Interview

    Congratulations to the incoming SIOP President, Dr. James Outtz!

    The SDOS (Social, Organizational, and Decision Sciences) program in the Department of Psychology is extremely pleased to announce that one of our Ph.D. graduates, Dr. James Outtz, has just been elected president of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Jim received his Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology in 1976. He is a fellow in SIOP, APA, and the American Educational Research Association and was a consulting editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology.

    Jim is president of Outtz and Associates. His work focuses on developing valid employment-selection systems that enhance opportunities for workforce diversity and the inclusion of minorities and women. He has published, researched, and focused his practice on identifying valid alternatives for selection that reduce barriers to equal employment opportunity. As an expert retained to advise courts and as an expert witness in complex, large-scale employment litigation, his objective has been to ensure that I-O psychology plays a significant role in influencing policy with regard to fair employment practices.


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